I am so keen about getting this project up but most information i searched online are very old and could not provide any assistance. This project is based on a touch screen display and i will be forever indebted to all help i get here. Forgive me but am a complete noob into arduino coding but i need this important project done. Please help guys.

Some notable Equipment i have:

  1. Arduino Mega 2560 R3
  2. Max6675 temperature module for arduino
  3. k-Type Thermocouples
  4. 2.4 inch TFT LCD Touchscreen
  5. Two (2) Heating Elements (Top & Bottom Infrared Ceramics)
  6. Two SSR Relays
  7. cooling Fans

I need help with an arduino IDE code creation to program following features into my arduino console:

  1. Great High quality and colorful GUI (Graphical User Interface) and Ability to use the Touchscreen LCD to navigate,Set & Edit functions.

*After the Arduino is Turned ON,we should be greeted with homescreen showing message "Xtreme Rework Station V3", with below buttons to SELECT PROFILE, RUN SELECTED PROFILE and SETTINGS.

  1. Main Functions of the code will include:
    a-setting and creating new Profiles up to 20 profiles (1-20). Each can be given a unique name.

b-Default profile is 1st on list.

c-Profile stages is divided in 4 stages of operation i.e Preheat/Soak/Reflow/Cooldown with following settings each:
-- Preheat SET TEMP (in celcius),Preheat-DWELL (in seconds),Preheat-RAMP RATE (Degree per second)
-- Soak-SET TEMP (in celcius),Soak-DWELL (in seconds),Soak-RAMP RATE (Degree per second)
-- Reflow-SET TEMP (in celcius),Reflow-DWELL (in seconds),Reflow-RAMP RATE (Degree per second)
-- Cooldown Stage activates immediately Reflow-DWELL time elapses.

*Default RAMP RATE is 1 degree/second.

*Only Bottom Heater works with PREHEAT, after preheat is over,the bottom heater turns OFF and the Top heater turns ON to runs all other stages (Soak,Reflow,Cooldown).

*In Cooldown stage, all heaters are turned OFF and PCB temperature will drop gradually naturally, but when it drops to a point e.g 100C , Cooling Fan is activated automatically to speed cooling of pcb faster to 35C. The 100C in example is called FAN_AUTO_START_Temp and the 35C in example is the PROGRAM_COMPLETE_STATE and both of these can be changed in settings.

(N*B- *SET TEMP means the maximum temperature the PID should regulate a stage to and hold there.
*DWELL means the amount of time to stay in a stage and maintain its SET TEMP in PID style.
*RAMP RATE means how fast the PID should calculate and change degree increment/decrements in display and calculations)

**Use sliders styling to input numbers on the touchscreen during settings. (since the screen is touchscreen,its difficult to type numbers manually), physical press buttons on arduino board can also be used .

**Also section to set P. I. D values should exist in settings.

After all settings variable are made, click DONE to return to home screen.

d- Profiles can also be Edited or deleted. The RUN SELECTED PROFILE button will not work unless at least one profile exist and it's SELECTED. If only one profile exists, it is automatically seen as the SELECTED PROFILE or else user need to choose a profile.

  1. Very important also, When click RUN SELECTED PROFILE ,the Touchscreen LCD to show the profile status running as a graphical curve/histogram chart in real-time showing the current stage running, the SET TEMP and CURRENT TEMP for both Top Heater and Bottom Heater separately. Visit Zallus Reflow Controller Quick Initial Run - YouTube to see example of how i want the graph to work like.

  2. There should Beeps when a profile is running- a short beep when entering each stage and a long beep when program completes. Then tripple beep when encounter error.

  3. Program/profile currently running can be cancelled with ABORT button and it will return screen to homescreen. Completed profiles are saved as data to EEPROM.

There you have my project and requirements. Looks pretty heavy to code though but i believe some experts here have it covered, all help will be appreciated.

Thanks abunches!!!

You can buy ramp/soak controllers for very reasonable prices.

This is probably not a good first project.

Thanks cedarlakeinstruments, i looked up the device in the link shared and it pretty much look like the REX C100, the problem with many of these commercial PID controller is that they tend to Overshoot alot as much as 40C+ beyond your SET Value and that could be dangerous for the pcb and secondly, not many allow you to create profiles and control two heaters in a loop, reason Arduino seem d ideal way to go..anyways, all the same, i appreciate your interest to help! :slight_smile:

That's perfectly understandable, but realize that if you're looking for someone to build this for you that you will end up paying far more than the cost of even a high-quality controller. Unless you're lucky and get someone who wants to do this for fun.

I'll repeat what I said earlier, if you're a programming n00b, this is not a good first project.