Arduino potentiometer replacement

I have a device that work on a 10k potentiometer, 0v, 15v and wiper. I have looked at many digital potentiometers and they do not seem to be able to handle the voltage. What would be the best option for controlling the device? DAC and op amp? PWM, smoothing filters and op amp? Any other ideas?

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If the 0V is common with the ground of your control circuit, if the 15V is a constant, you don't need a variable resistor, just a voltage between 0V and 15V at the "wiper" connection. So your ideas will generally work, you just need to amplify the voltage from a DAC.

Whether you can use PWM or not, depends on the desired bandwidth of the system, and also the tolerance to PWM noise that isn't completely filtered out.

I agree, just saying "a device" and "the voltage" is not giving us a chance to understand fully.

yes 0v is a common ground. its literally just a 15v control signal as far as I can tell there should be no or very little Ma draw. I'm just trying to find the easiest most compact way to accomplish it. I'm using a xiao.

I assume a seeeduino XIAO.
That datasheet shows it has a true D/A.
"This module can produce an analog voltage between 0 and 3.3V."
Just amplify that with a rail2rail opamp to 0-15volt.

You need to use the " Non-inverting amplifier" circuit shown here

If you choose a rail-rail op amp such as the AD823 that will run from 0V and +15V rails and give the output you need

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