Arduino Pro Gateway LoRa® - Offline in Arduino device manager

Hello, forum.

My Arduino Pro Gateway LoRa® is connected to the internet and power, but still, it says “offline” in the Arduino cloud every time I check.

Any pointers on how to troubleshoot this?


Any updates on this?

I have tried everything I can think of to get it connected, re-entering the S/N gateway, debugging the Arduino directly with a mouse and keyboard.

When pinging on the gateway (Arduino) using a keyboard, mouse and HDMI-connected monitor the gateway proves to have a connection

I thought this device was supposed to work out-of-the-box? I am frustrated and disappointed.


Same issue here. We cannot see the gateway online although it boots and we can ping different sites via dns. However, ping via ip is not possible (e.g. An additional issue is that I cannot delete the device from my list in the "Manage Devices" page. The step by step configuration kick us out directly at the beginning because of the fully used number or devices in the plan. This is really frustrating.

We cannot use the gateway right now at all.

JQrgen and asevimc , would you mind to open a ticket here ?

support (at)