Arduino pro mini 3.3 SoftwareSerial

Hello. I try to connect my Arduino pro mini to ESP32 via Serial port. My code:

SoftwareSerial EspSerial(10, 11); // RX, TX

void setup(void) {

void loop()
  if (EspSerial.available() > 0) {

String EspSerialRead = EspSerial.readString();

  Serial.print("EspSerialRead: ");


But I have some trouble: Arduino get message from ESP32 but not send any to it. I test it via USB port and get the same result - get message from terminal but not any send. Please, help, what could be the problem? Thanks!


The highest baud rate that SoftwareSerial can reliably operate is 38400.

I change it to 9600 but it's the same - read ok, but can not send

Do you have an Oscilloscope or a second Arduino to run a test?

no, I don't have oscilloscope...
I connect ESP32 to PC via usb and all work fine, then connect my Arduino and not get any data in port...

At least you answer half a question, I'm out!!!!!!!

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