Arduino pro mini Analog pins 6 and 7

Hi All

I have a very stupid question, on the arduino pro mini clone I was originally using the analog pin3 (digital pin 17) as a digital output to a simple potential divider and reading the analog voltage on pin 2. Due to the circuit layout, I changed these to Analog pin 7 for the digital output and analog pin 6 for the analog read. I did this without checking the equivalent digital pin number for Analog pin 7. I can't find any documentation on this. On the schematic it only says A7.

My question is, is analog pin 7 an analog only pin which can't be used for digital input or output? If it can be used for digital output which pin number is it?

Feel extremely stupid regarding this as I should have checked the schematics first and the pinout images for the pro mini before doing it and soldering it, I made the mistake of assuming, lol.


six and seven are analogue input-only

Thank you, I was hoping it was the digital pin numbers had been forgotten on the schematic. Ill redo my soldering.
I appreciate the response.

Worth noting that those two pins on the 328p are the only analog only pins in the entire AVR product line (my impression is that they were added as an afterthought when the TQFP-32 version of the chip came out; 2 of the extra pins were made supply pins, and the other two were made analog inputs). Alas, they're on the part that people most frequently start on.

When the 328pb starts to finally replace the 328p, it'll be better - on the 328pb, there is another port (for those two pins, plus the two "extra" power/ground pins I mentioned above, which go back to being I/O pins. As well as a bunch of other highly desirable and overdue features.

Thats useful information. Thank you.