Arduino Prototype PCB

Hello! I am noob to Arduino, and i love to learn much about AVR and Atmel family! i have done some basic lessons now and then, its getting borring to do same stuff over and over again, you know the blinking leds so on and so on! i bought 10X Arduino Prototype PCB and i want to do some awsome shields for my arduino Uno R3 board! Bought some resistors and lots of crystals SD range 4k mhz - 24k mhz, i got lots of stuff here at home that i want to solder etc etc. I have reached a point i dont know what to make out of this components, As person i am interessted in Computers and Robotics, Smarthome devices. P/S Oh my God, how do you memorize so much codes in your head?

how do you memorize so much codes in your head?

The same way that you memorise how to drive a learn, mainly by experience. And before you ask, all of us have had 'coding accidents', but they're also put down to experience. In other learn that it doesn't work that way! :)

Then you find out how it [u]should[/u] be done, either by trying to fathom where your mistake is (probably the best way of learning), or by asking for help from 'those who know, from their own experience' in this forum or another.

Got any idea what i can build with this prototyp PCB,s for Arduino Uno?

First of all, forget the Blink sketch. Using delay() to time things is a horrible way to do anything but the very simplest of tasks.

Study "Blink without delay" and "Debounce" from the examples in the Arduino IDE. Ignore any examples online that use delay() to debounce switches or time motors.

Oh, and be careful of your letters. Case matters. 4k mhz isn't anything... did you mean 4MHz? Small m means milli, which is 1/1000th, versus large M means Mega, or 1,000,000.

Did you know that with a little code an an external resistor, you can have a capacitance sensor? You can use it to sense the presence of a person or animal, make touch switches, read out the level of a liquid (you must insulate the wires), or even build a theremin.

sry for missguide you, i have been working to much on the computer! since i am new into this AVR and Arduino, i usealy use the same as computer by systematic brain reaction. well this crystal on them it says: SD4 00000 up to SD24 0000, got 10 each of them, i used one of the 16mhz crystal on one of the prototype board just to try make a Arduino board my self, since i am lack of goods at the moment, its puted to the side! Hopefuly more package is coming this way tmr! At the moment i use my Raspberry Pi with Raspian to use the IDE with my arduino R3 and its really slow, i tho about get a mini itx computer insteed. By the way you guys are awsome!