Arduino Servo Motor

I have connected my circuit as show below and the servo motor would not move, I am powering the arduino up through usb power supply. apparently when i remove the capacitor , the servo motor starts working just that it’s not stable. the capacitor that i’m using is a 25v 470uF.

servo motor used : MG995 180 , 3.5V - 7.2V
capacitor used : 25v 470uF ( only one that i had )
resistor used : 1k

Question 1 : why does the servo motor not move when it’s connected to the capacitor?

Question 2 : how do i stabilize my servo motor as that it does not misbehave?

It is generally NOT a good idea to power a motor from an Arduino. They should share the ground but the motor should have a separate power supply.

Also, the capacitor could cause the Arduino or the USB power supply to shut down due to the surge current of the capacitor. If the proper power supply is used, no capacitor should be needed for the motor.

Maybe there is an issue with the code but I cannot see the code. Please post it properly.

Stall current is 1200mA, you need a separate 5V power supply at least 1.5 Amps.

I have been using the mg995 a controlling two of them with the uno r3. The servo misbehaves be ause you are running it off of the internal 5volt supply. Your servo will run stable with an external supply. I have spent many hours to get over just what you are trying to achieve. External power supply. I use 6 volts. No capacitor

MG995 is a high-torque servo motor. You need to use the extra power source. If not, motor may not move, or vibrate without moving. I had experienced this problem. For extra power wiring, you can refer the this instruction

Never power a servo or motor from a logic 5V rail. Its risking blowing up all the chips. Separate high current supply for servos or motors, common the grounds. Even the smallest servos want 1A or so, big powerful ones want MUCH more. Alas the max current for a servo is seldom documented as its assumed you are using LiPo or LiFePO4 battery pack to power the servo.