arduino sketch with gyro sensors

Hi everyone

i am using two gyro sensors-lisy300al( one for tail motor , one for main motor) connected to an arduino pro mini to the computer to stabilize my helicopter. An analog stick from sparkfun is used to run the 2 motors. My helicopter need not to fly , just a lift up will do , but have to stabilize when lifting up. But before i can do that , i had to built a sketch to obtain the adc value so that i can convert them into delg/s. How can i actually stabilise the helicopter by making use of the adc value or deg/s ? Below ,is a sketch i get from a link , isnt good enough for my gyro test?

will be appreciated with any input/suggestion/feedback.

Sure, that should work if you change the constants at the top. However, if you're going to be making something that's complicated and relies on fast updates, I'd try to get rid of all of the float variables and change them to integers. Floating point is s-l-o-w and is completely unnecessary for your application.

Just make sure you keep very good track of what means what. if you're multiplying everything by 1000 so you have an angle of 0 to 360,000, PUT A COMMENT IN.

Because i am using two gyro sensor-lisy300al , do i need to test both together or one at a time ? I just test using the code , but what i derive from the serial monitor is all (0.00) , what happen , shldnt it be 612 for example ?

shldnt it be 612 for example ?

Can you explain that, please?

For example only rather then getting 0.00 in the serial monitor. For this code , it work on my gyro , getting value of 500 when it is stationary

For this code ,it get value of 0.00 through out http://

What is the difference ?