arduino SPI in labview

I'm now using the arduino uno as the voltage generator, connected with a DAC converter, AD5504, Analog Devices, and an operational ampli fier (OPA551, Texas Instruments) circuit to generate voltage output for piezoelectric firing.

The pin assignments are:
piezo_select = 3; //Relay that switches between piezos
go_button = 5; //piezo/wire button
clr = 6;
sync = 10;
ldac = 7;
alarm = 8;
r_sel = 9;
LED= 2.
The hardware was previously designed by a former engineer in the group but has left. It functions well in arduino platform, but under the labview code I made there is no voltage output at all (no error given however). Could you please have a look at the vi and find the solution?
I have been struggling on this for a couple of days and really frustrated. It has to be solved really in limited time.

Piezo controller - (275 KB)

I don't want to rain on your parade but you probably should post labview questions on a labview forum. We can answer arduino questions but this may not be the best place to ask questions about Labview code since it has nothing at all to do with arduinos.

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