Arduino SPI + Optical Mouse a5020E connection issue

Hi folks,

I stuck with reading images from a5020e optical mouse sensor using my new arduino due. :smiling_imp:

I studied the example here

The spec for the sensor available here

When using example, I've got all zeroes at serial output.

I found that DUE uses SPI in different way than other arduino's. According to chip spec, there is ground, +5V, chip select, serial clock and...Serial Port Data Input and Output

But SPI neds MISO & MOSI. For 3 wires implementation chip select is skipped.

So, should I connect my MOSI and MISO ( ?

From the example above, I also doubt about pins 5-7. These are not standard SPI pins for anyone of arduino's. But As I learnt, when using not SPI pins, the communication speed drops dramatically.

Sorry for probably stupid question, I have my arduino just 3 days. Simple LED and buttons works well, but this stuff not yet. Thank, and have a great day!

Issue solved. Now I can see images from mouse sensor at my raspberry.