Arduino Stack Exchange ??

I really do not know where to post this , but like to know something about that forum.

Is Arduino Stack Exchange in ANY way connected ( business, affiliates, groupies etc) with

I mean sponsored , tolerated, ignored etc.( the link was found here on forum )

$64 question - any users here would like to share experience using that forum?

On first glance it looks as more universal, not separated by dubious subjects into so many "forums" as this one is.

And the answers are actually graded, but I did not look by what criteria.


I think the only connection is the groupies. I don't care very much for how the topics and answers are arranged, and searching and browsing the topics is not as easy as on this forum (my opinion). I'm ready for my $64 now!

I agree what you told.

There was a really interesting video a while ago about the design philosophy behind Stack Exchange, and in particular how it is much different from a forum. Umm… The Cultural Anthropology of Stack Exchange perhaps?
(Edit: Yeah, that’s the one. The particularly profound part starts around the 28minute mark and lasts about 10 minutes.)

  1. I prefer discussions.
  2. I really don’t feel like going all around the web to find arduino discussions that I might be able to contribute to. There’s plenty of traffic here, in the “home forums”, so to speak.

Thanks, so after watching part of the video I still believe that part of the "artifact " ( to borrow the term used in video ) of communication over internet is that EVERYBODY is a author , teacher , preacher and other synonyms, irregardless of how qualified they really are , but how such activity feeds their ego or pocketbook.

Interestingly in the part I payed attention to , the speaker states that the discussion is not for the fellow who asked the question , nor for the group who attempted to answer it. The discussion is for the folks who MAY have a similar question and / or problem and find the discussion beneficial.

That IMHO confirms my initial statement above - everybody "participates" in some form or another which in no way guarantees that the answer or just the discussion has solid, true foundation. And I not that naive to expect admissions that participant knows nothing about the subject - something about in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

Bottom line - I value forums in whatever format ( exuding "fritzing" and videos) as a good source where to gain experience , not as a replacement for learning and teaching.

Unless administrators of this forum rule otherwise, I'll stick around here and choose how and when to participate , or just ignore the kings.