Arduino touch lamp control


A few weeks ago you guys showed me how to simulate a button press and it worked perfectly.

My new project is to simulate the touching of a touch lamp.

Any ideas how I can get an Arduino to do this and still maintain the dimming function?

I'd like to use this



The item in the link you gave already does what you want. Look at the description,

The Dimmer switch has four ways: Low, medium, high, turn off: Touch one time: the lamp will be in low light; Touch again: the lamp will be in medium light; Touch one more time: the lamp will be in high light; Touch again: the lamp will be off. Applicable to the metal body of table lamps, floor lamps, bedside lamps, etc. Connection: A black line "N" and red line "L" connected to 110V input, the other black line "N" and the Blue Line "L1" connected lights, yellow line "M" then touch the metal body.

What exactly will the arduino do?

Do you want to make the arduino do what that dimmer does?, if so, then its actually very easy.

I want to be able to use the dimmer function of that device. Its not going to go in a lamp so I wont be able to touch it. This seems to be the cheapest incandescent dimming solution I have found as long as I can control it with an arduino.



Well, I can't say for certain it will work, because it basically a capacitance sensor. The "M" wire detects a slight voltage change, and does an action based on that change.

It only costs $5.63, so you can get one and play with it. CAUTION, it will need 110 volts to work! If this fact makes you uneasy, DON'T DO/GET IT!

Yea ,I already ordered one. What I'm looking for is a cheap, ready made dimmer that I can control with an arduino. It doesn't have to be for a touch lamp but it seems to be all I can find for that price point.