Arduino UNO, 8 channel relay board and 220v spark generator

Hi folks, i have a little project i am working on at the moment, i have an Arduino UNO connected up to 8 channel relay board, i am trying to drive a 220v spark generator to ignite a gas banger bird scarer, at the moment i have the Arduino connected to pc/powered via the usb, when the relay functions you hear the usb connect/disconnect sound from the computer, the spark generator is obviously causing some interference causing the usb to disconnect, the Arduino will also randomly stop/reset etc and will not operate reliably

The 8 channel relay has optocouplers and i have it powered via a separate 5v power source but this still does not help.

Is there some other device i can to isolate the Arduino, or some other way to wire the devices?

I have come across snubber diodes but not sure if something like that would help.

Any advice or assistance would be much appreciated, Thanks

8 channel relay module

220v spark generator

I would expect the same results. The Arduino needs to be isolated, shielded and properly grounded. Using a snubber will only help. The spark generated creates a large amount of RFI/EMI energy which is getting into your Arduino. Increasing the spacing between the Arduino and the Spark Coil will also help. Disconnect the spark coil and I bet the problem goes away.

The fact that you are producing a spark, that is massive amounts of EMR.

Take @gilshultz advice and add shielding, keep the control wiring away from the spark generator wiring as well.

Tom... :slight_smile: