Arduino UNO and 3G Shield(SIM5216E)


I need some support about Arduino UNO and 3G Shield(SIM5216E). I cant find in any documentation
if there should be any electrical connections between the UNO and the 3G Shield, of course the shield is mounted
above the UNO board as any other shield(se attached file). I have seen a picture from a website that there was a jumper
between TX and D0 and between RX and D1.
The reason that Im wondering is that the NET diode wont light up its always off.
I have followed this guide(the red marked is what I NOT have done…)

  • Install the SIM card and TF Card into your GPRS Shield.
    Take an Freduino board and install the 3G_Shield over it.
    Connect the antenna to the 3G_Shield.
    Connect the Arduino to your computer using a USB cable.
    Plug the power adapter to Arduino.
    Press and hold the power button a short while(Over 3 seconds) on the 3G_Shiled to turn it on.Wait half a minute for the 3G_Shield to connect to the network?if it Net LED always on,which means 3G_Shield can’t connect to the Internet ?Please pull the SIM card and re-plug it,or try another card(SIM card used must be locked and no arrears).


Andreas Bergman
Development Engineer