Arduino Uno and current clamp

I’m looking at doing a college project using an Arduino Uno.
my college tutor told me about the amount of knowledge out there on the Arduino platform due to the fact that they are open source and that they are relatively simple to program.
what i propose to build is a dust extraction controller, i want to have a tool connected to the controller, and have the micro controller detect when the tool is turned on, and in turn switch the vacuum cleaner on. after the tool has been turned off i want the controller to run the extractor for a further 10 seconds in order to clear the hose of debris.
as a safety feature id also like to include status LEDS for power to the micro, Dust extraction in progress and an LED showing when its in the over run period.

My tutor also pointed me in the direction of the Arduino Energy monitor project. I like the idea of using the AC current clamp and doing an A>D conversion to switch the extractor on when the tool is on.

Whats everyone’s thoughts on this? does it seem easy or possible? im not really familiar with programming Arduinos, to be honest the level of programming I’m capable of is flowcharts haha! so yeah im a bit behind. and because of this i was considering using a Genie E18 for the project. it just seems like it will be a lot more achievable and reliable using the arduino platform, especially with the amount of Sheilds available.

Whats everyone’s thoughts on this? any help given would be greatly appreciated, thanks

AC current detection is pretty easy, either indirectly with a hall sensor, example

Driving LEDs is quite straightforwards, as is driving a relay (mechanical or solidstate) to power the dust collector motor.

Is there some way I can capture current values from this kind of current clamp by an arduino device?
It is a pretty basic unit but can handle up to 600v which I don't need and 20A which I do need. It would be nice to have this do all the monitoring for me without having to build and calibrate a homemade unit.