arduino uno based ROBOTIC Arm

I have been given a project to control the movements of robotic arm Using Arduino Esplora Remote which uses 6 stepper motors and I am actually a beginner so no getting how to proceed.

Can anyone help me, I want to know How I can interface Arduino Esplora wireless remote with Arduino uno and also I have to Interface 6 motors with arduino uno.

Please suggest me the suitable Arduino Uno board for this project and also How to Interface it with Arduino.

i would really appreciate your help and guidence.

Anurag Mahajan

here is video link . have look & understand wiring diagram .

Are you allowed to use servos instead of stepper motors? That would be my first step to be honest..

Actually in first step I have to show them a schematic circuit diagram and a idea about project and its getting difficult for me. I don't know which software to use for designing schematic as I don't know how to make connections in real project

If you can explain me why to use servo motor instead of Stepper motor? Then I could be able to talk with my supervisor about this.

usually robotic we use servo drives . Here links you might get few info

The main reason I would use servos in such a project over steppers is simplicity, not to mention power consumption. You can drive several servos from a five volt source whereas steppers tend to have higher voltage and current requirements.

Secondly, to control a servo, you only need one wire, the signal wire connected to your arduino, whereas using steppers, you will need serveral, because you have to drive the stepper motors through motor driver ICs. I haven't used multiple steppers myself because I don't have any, but even to drive two basic DC brushed motors, you're looking at a minimum of four wires, up to six coming from your arduino.

As for designing the circuit graphically, the guys here seem to use fritzing a lot. Check out the Arduino - Sweep tutorial HERE for a very basic implementation of a single servo. In this example, they're actually driving the server from the Arduino's 5v line. You can do it that way, but I've found more stability using a dedicated power source.

There's also a stepper motor example HERE and you'll notice right off there's a list of materials, which is a clear indication it's a bit more complex.

Also, if you're building your robotic arm using servos, you can get kits quite cheap. I found this one on E-bay for ~$40 USD that uses four servos (included) which isn't a bad place to start. Robotic arm kit on Ebay

For the above kit, you'll only need four pins on your arduino board along with whatever means of input you want to implement. This could be easily programmed to carry out some automated task though, or some sort of a demonstration.

Almost forgot, Here's a link to Fritzing too.

Here's a link to ExpressPCB, it is a simple nofrills free real CAD program.

Tom.... :slight_smile:
Do you have the robotic arm?