Arduino Uno can't ping ENC28J60 ethernet shield

Hi everyone, I'm working on a new project that uses Arduino Uno and ENC28J60 ethernet shield. I've connected the pins based on this link but without the relay module. In serial monitor, I can see that my ethernet shield is a getting a DHCP IP but when I try to ping it I'm getting "Request timeout".
Please see below for my code. Am I missing something here?

#include <ETHER_28J60.h>

// Present a "Will be back soon web page", as stand-in webserver.
// 2011-01-30 <>
#include <EtherCard.h>

#define STATIC 0  // set to 1 to disable DHCP (adjust myip/gwip values below)

// ethernet interface ip address
static byte myip[] = { 192,168,1,100 };
// gateway ip address
static byte gwip[] = { 192,168,1,1 };

// ethernet mac address - must be unique on your network
static byte mymac[] = { 0x74,0x69,0x69,0x2D,0x30,0x31 };

byte Ethernet::buffer[500]; // tcp/ip send and receive buffer

const char page[] PROGMEM =
"HTTP/1.0 503 Service Unavailable\r\n"
"Content-Type: text/html\r\n"
"Retry-After: 600\r\n"
    "Service Temporarily Unavailable"
    "<h3>This service is currently unavailable</h3>"
      "The main server is currently off-line.
      "Please try again later."

void setup(){
  if (ether.begin(sizeof Ethernet::buffer, mymac) == 0) 
    Serial.println( "Failed to access Ethernet controller");
  ether.staticSetup(myip, gwip);
  if (!ether.dhcpSetup())
    Serial.println("DHCP failed");

  ether.printIp("IP:  ", ether.myip);
  ether.printIp("GW:  ", ether.gwip);  
  ether.printIp("DNS: ", ether.dnsip);  

void loop(){
  // wait for an incoming TCP packet, but ignore its contents
  if (ether.packetLoop(ether.packetReceive())) {
    memcpy_P(ether.tcpOffset(), page, sizeof page);
    ether.httpServerReply(sizeof page - 1);

It doesn't make sense for the Arduino to ping itself, which is what your thread title implies is happening. Your picture of f**king text shows something else being done.

What, EXACTLY, are you having problems with?

Why do you do nothing more than server up a "Go away" page?

I'm sorry if the title is confusing. What I'm really trying to do is to access my Arduino webserver on the browser. But when I try to access the ip address, I'm getting a request timeout error. So i tried to ping the IP address as shown on the screenshot but I also got "request timeout". With the given sample code, I just wanted to check if I can connect to the webserver.

A picture showing one end of a wire is pretty much useless. If I were to guess, I'd guess that the other end of the yellow cable is dangling off the edge of the desk.

Re-position the wires, so we can actually see how the ethernet device is connected to the Arduino. Tell us where the other end of the yellow cable is.

Here's the Arduino and ethernet shield connection:

Arduino - ENC28J60
5V - 5V (red)
GND - GND (black)
D10 - CS (orange)
D11 - SI (green)
D12 - SO (white)
D13 - SCK (yellow)

I've check the wires and they are intact. Please see the updated photos.


Where does the other end of the ethernet cable go?

It is connected directly to my router. Then my laptop is connected to the same router via WiFi.

salut vous pouvez m'aidez svp , je cherche un programe d'arduino qui detecte les lignes blanches continue de la route merci d'avance

Can you ping your gateway (router)?
Check the routing / firewall in your router.

Can you ping your gateway (router)?
Check the routing / firewall in your router.

Yes I can ping my router