arduino uno doesnt get recocnized by windows

Hii, i have been working on my arduino uno with a LCD shield yesterday after 2 hours or so while the arduino was unplugged i connected some motors and tried working with them than the arduino made a beep sound, so i unplugged it.

since that i cant connect it , when i connecting it to my computer i get a message that windows doesn’t recognize my device. pulse i noticed that in tools>ports its grayed out.

can anyone tell me please what happened here ?

and if maybe i can fix the problem and how?

im adding some photos that might be useful

I have exactly the same problems using Windows 8.1. Tried several solutions from the web. Nothing worked. Looking for help! I have LCD display, RTC (real time clock) nothing else. Arduino and hardware works perfectly with Windows 7. I have 2 computers, one with 7 other with 8.1, just attach to each with same USB wire. One works the other does not. Please help!!

The beep sound may indicate that you are trying to draw too much current through the USB port. Try disconnecting the motors which in any case should not be powered from the Arduino board but via a separate power supply controlled by a motor control circuit.

now its disconnected from every thing .

what is PM’s?

is is there any idea what can i do about the connection problem ?

and why is my ports menu on my arduino program is grayed out ?