Arduino UNO/MEGA Cross Compatible Shield

Hi All,

I am trying to design a sheild for the Arduino MEGA however I would like it to be cross compatible with the UNO. Or the header pins located equal distance apart for both these boards? So if I design a shield for the UNO, can I use it with the MEGA as well as long as I accommodate for that in software? Additionally, are there any EAGLE templates for Arduino shields available online that you can recommend?

Thanks in advance!

MEGA's headers match the same locations as UNO except the additional headers. Any UNO shield will sit on MEGA fine. If you want a starting point, go to, find mega proto shield, and download its design. The screw hole on bottom left may be off but the headers are all in the right spots.

Sparkfun has Arduino templates for Eagle.
Or, download the Mega R3 and strip off everything except the headers and USB/Power connectors. Note that SPI pins are only in common between the Uno and the Mega at the ICSP header.