Arduino Uno Not recognized by computer (SOLVED)

When I connect my first Arduino Uno board with the USB cable to the PC, the green light on the board lights up, and the orange light goes into the blinking mode - indicating that the board is working.

But NOTHING happens on the computer (tried it on the PC and a laptop - both running Windows 8.1).

I mean, simple question: When I hook it up, the computer should give a sound, or try to load drivers or do ANYTHING? In the device manager there is no sign of the Arduino board. Also no sign of missing drivers. I did ofcourse install drivers, many times.

I also tried it with a different USB cable, but still nothing. I also tried it on different USB ports. Nothing...

So, my simple question: when I hook up an Arduino board to a computer through a USB cable, should the computer see the Arduino board and at least give a sign that something was connected to it???

Thank you for your time and help! :slight_smile:

You need to post a link to where you got the board from as it will allow checking the exact type of Uno.

Also what drivers have you tried to install?

I used the drivers from - ARDUINO 1.0.6 Windows Installer...

Thank you for the help!!

At that price I doubt it is a genuine Arduino, however it does look like it has the normal R3 chips on it.

Have you got any unknown devices in device manager?

If so, update the driver for them, with have disk and point to the drivers folder of the Arduino IDE.

I have had this problem before when it was the usb cable. I know you said you have tried two but have you verified that the cable does work by plugging something else into it like a phone or camera? I haven't heard some cables are "charging only", that is, they don't have the data lines connected so you don't have a pile of those do you?

I have ordered a new Uno board from the same supplier. It worked instantly! My first blink program works :slight_smile: !!

They told me that Arduino is not really simple and that you have to be patient when something does not work iimmediately. Well, the first "error" solved, there was something wrong/broken with the first Uno board that I ordered.

Thank you for your advices and help!

Kind regards,