Arduino Uno r3 pins dislocated

hi evryone!

it seems the pins on my arduino uno r3 are not correctly placed… :frowning:
there is a small gap between the digital pins 7 and 8 and when i started to solder a shield i noticed that because of this gap it’s impossible to connect the pins of the shield to the arduino.
i alredy tried to bend the pins so they would fit but that didn’t work.

is anyone having the same problem?
does anyone have an idea how i could build a shield i can stack directly on the arduino despite the dislocated pins?

thanks vor your help!

That is by design. The pins on the other side have a full gap, and this is half a gap. So a shield can not be placed in the wrong direction. You can buy a prototype shield that fits. Or you don't use the strip that is shifted by a half (pin 8 to 13).

To attach an Arduino to your own board, you can try the Arduino Nano.