Arduino Uno R3 power surge when plugged into computer


I am fairly new to the electronics scene, so I don't have the experience or knowledge yet to answer my questions and fix my problem.

I have an Arduino Uno R3 and I am trying to control a lot of inputs and outputs. I have three monetary switches as inputs, and I have 2 LEDs, an LCD, and a 180 degree servo motor that I am trying to use as outputs. After wiring all of the components to a solderless breadboard to what I thought and still think is the right set up, I typed out all of my code that I needed to give my circuit a test. When I went to plug in my Uno to my computer, I noticed that the mini LEDs on the arduino uno board would be lit for about a second but then immediately fade. My original thought was, "ok, the USB must not be providing enough power." So I hooked up a 9V battery and bridged my positives on each side of the bread board as well as the negatives on each side of my breadboard. When I plugged the USB back into my computer, everything flashed (including my computer screen) and my computer turned off. I'm pretty sure that I fried something on my board because I disconnected the 5V power wire and ground off the board so I can at least transfer my coding onto the board but now my computer will not recognize the serial port.

After Some research of the Arduino Forums, I have pretty much have accepted that I fried a component on my board and need a new one. [u]Is this right to assume or is there a way to still use what I have?[/u]

also, if I do get another board, [u]what board shall I get to make this not happen?/u. and [u]How can I prevent this from happening again if the board capability itself is not the problem?/u


I greatly appreciate all of your responses.

Do not cross post, plenty of advice over at your other identical thread.