arduino uno, wave shield, waverp-4 button realtime sampler with joysticks for fx

Hey everybody,

I’ve only been working with arduino for a couple of weeks and am on a mission to make an ‘instrument’ to attach to my banjo for live performance use (lofi im sure). At first, I was interested in the Mozzi library and was able to make a pretty simple synth with keys and the scale I wanted, but i realized that isn’t what i want on my banjo. I want a realtime sampler where I can record very short loops to 4 buttons and have 2 little ps2 joysticks to effect the samples (maybe speed and pitch on one and some sort of grainy wackiness on the other). Mozzi doesn’t work with sd cards or the shield that i have been looking at, the wave shield.
So, my question is, if i use waveRP library, arduino UNO, wave shield and some buttons and joysticks, is it possible to make this? I found the microgranny which is really cool but I think what i’m trying to do is not quite as intense as that.

Also on a side note, is it possible to use piezo buttons as audio inputs like i do from my banjo to a PA system?

I’m a beginner but quickly becoming obsessed with possibilities.

edit - would it be smarter just to get the audio hacker shield from nootropic design? It’s a little more pricey. seems like its sort of meant for it though. But it doesn’t have an SD card.


You could get my book
That has a project in it to record and repeat audio samples. It uses some external hardware on a shield that is just an input and output amplifier. A D/A converter and one or two chips of external memory. With just one chip you can get a five second delay of audio.

thanks for a reply mike,
While that looks like it is very informative, im more interested in working with these shields than building my own just yet. Maybe the next project can be more 'from scratch'.