Arduino Uno with Docstar

Hi guys,

I'm new to Arduino world, and hope to get some startup guidance on my 1st project:

  • hook and power Arduino Uno via a single USB port to Seagate Docstar plug computer running Linux
  • Uno and attached to it extra board(s) would be in a separate small enclosure
  • when a closed office entrance door is opened, a magnetic door switch would trigger an IP camera start recording
  • when the door is closed, the cam would stop recording after a set time period of inactivity
  • an SMS is sent to my phone when the door is opened or closed

What extra hardware & software do I need for this project? How I can setup and control Uno work from Windows and/or Linux PC on Lan, as Docstar doesn't have any video ports to hook a monitor? Can Uno work be controlled or door open/close events monitored from mobile phone via web?

Couldn't find any Tutorial or similar project with required level of details. Anyone can help?