Arduino Uno with HC-06 Bluetooth module application

Hello All,

Thanks in advance for your assistance...

  • Noob here, looking to see if someone has done this application already
  • Need source code, wiring & phone app

Application detail:

Hardware: - Arduino Uno - HC-06 Bluetooth module - Android phone - Electronic hardware and breadboard


Use Arduino Uno and HC-06 Bluetooth module to do the following from an Android phone: 1) run a 5 VDC motor 2) control and display motor speed on 3) read battery life

elias_adamo: ... - Need source code, wiring & phone app ...

If only life was that easy. This forum is for people who are designing and building their own projects, rather than seeking a finished solution. You can get help with coding, or hardware, but you need to provide a starting point.

If you just want a recipe for a finished project without all the pedigogy, check out .

Thanks Chris... it was worth a shot.

You might find the following background notes useful