Arduino v.s. i Cube X

Hi, I am hoping to use sensors to trigger or control sounds. The first project will be in an installation setting and hopefully do it in performances as well.

Is anyone fimilar with the pros and cons of i Cube X and Arduino?


Hmm, I just checked out that sensor's webpage, very interesting stuff! I dont think it has been discussed on this forum (i may be wrong) but considering the device has an i^2c interface then the arduino can definitely communicate with the device. Check out the i^2c info in the playground section for more info on connecting such devices.

At $500 it is a bit pricey, what do you need an arduino for that the system will not do by itself?

It seems to me interfacing arduino and i Cube X doesn't make much sense. I thought the two do similar things except that iCubeX only sends out midi data and you must use iCubeX's own sensors which generally are a bit pricy but they are guaranteed to work. Am I understanding it correctly?

there is a cheaper alternative on i Cube X.

I-CubeX uses the MIDI data format but over Bluetooth serial port (115 kbps with Wi-microDig) and over USB serial ports (115 kbps with USB-microDig), as well as over MIDI cables (31.25 kbps with microDig and Digitizer). The data is 7, 10 or 12 bit resolution depending on which data format and interface device you choose. Using MIDI system exclusive formatting, the data is easily obtained in the highest available resolution using Cycling74's Max software.

For an alternative to the Arduino boards that use USB, please check the USB-microSystem (

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Presumably all of the iCubeX sensors can be used directly with the Arduino considering they are all 5V?

Jim H

All I-CubeX sensors are spec-ed to work at a supply voltage of 5V and a 30mA maximum current usage (most use a few mA only, see the sensor product webpage for more details). So as long as the interface board supplies power according to these specs, all should work fine.