Arduino w/ Vista??

Hullo, so I got my first new Arduino in the mail today. Super excited, I went and followed the directions for installing the arduino environment and getting up and running.

When I plugged Arduino in, the power light came on, but so did the "L" light (the "L" light continually blinked orange). I'm using vista, so after waiting for vista to stupidly search online for drivers for the new hardware, I was able to select the "drivers" directory. Much to my dismay, it didn't detect the driver at all, so said I couldn't install it! So I tried the updated drivers at: (it won't let me post the link, but it's the one from the guide) , but those didn't work either.

So... how do I get this thing set up for use?? Any help at all wuld be greatly appreciated, thanks!!

You say the drivers don't work, are you able to see the board in the Arduino IDE? Make sure you have the right board selected from the "Tools/Board" menu.