arduino + web Cam

hi , I would like to know whether it’s possible to record something using simple web-camera 1.3 mp and store this information on the SD or somewhere . not use PC at all ?

In general, the arduino Uno at 16Mhz and with only 2K of read/write memory is not powerful enough to store the data internally as it comes from a web camera while saving it to a SD card. The Mega with 8K is only slightly better, but still I suspect it is under-powered for the job. If you are wanting to store the images on an SD card, it may be simplest to get a regular digital camera and use the memory card/batteries that the camera has.

Assuming you want to control the camera via the arduino, higher end cameras support wired/infrared shutter releases which you can mimic on the Arduino (you likely want opto-isolators between the arduino and camera). If you have a camera that does not support a wired/IR shutter release, you can always make the Arduino fire the camera via a servo that mimics a finger pressing a button. A third alternative if you don't mind voiding warranties is to disassemble the camera shutter button, and find the wires that the shutter activates, and have the Arduino set those via an opto-isolator).