Arduino Wifi IOT nano attach certificates

Hello, I recently got the Arduino IOT nano 33. I am trying to send / receive messages using AWS IOT Core and ArduinoMqttClient . Most of the examples I have seen online are using <WiFiClientSecure.h> library which allows you to add the x.509 client certificates (Root CA, Private PEM etc.).
I tried using this library but it is not compatible with Arduino IOT nano 33.
That said how would one proceed to add these certificates using WiFiNINA? Unfortunately I didn't manage to find anything useful online. Thank you in advance
For reference, this is one of the blogs I tried to follow: Brian Beach | Connecting to AWS IoT Core from Arduino

Welcome to the forum.

In the IDE there is a WiFi NINA Firmware Updater under Tools. There is an option upload certificates.

I also found the following page. Maybe this helps.

Hello @Klaus_K thank you for your reply. I came across that page before but it doesn't offer a way to add the same certificates as with <WiFiClientSecure.h>. Maybe I am missing something but how would I add the certificates listed below using the method you have shared?