Arduino wifi shield Or CC3000 shield for internet controlled robot?

Hello everyone i am interested in making this kind of robot to control via the internet. here is the tutorial:

There is only one issue: the Wifi shield is pricey although i can afford it, id rather look for an alternative. The CC3000 is one that i have seen to be decently priced at $30 compared to the wifi shield at $85


Arduino Wifi shield

do they so the same thing? or should i just buy the arduino wifi shield? are there any cheaper alternatives?

Thank you.

The arduino one will work for sure, and probably has best support.

CC3k works. I use it with the Espruino (an ARM32 MCU running interpreted JS code - it's pretty cool), and I recall that the CC3000 was very easy to make unhappy. However, good library code can work around that, and reset it when it happens.

There's another option - the ESP8266. Dirt cheap, and really flaky. That's partly because it's new and the firmware and library code is immature. There are a bunch of form factors available, and there's no shield yet (afaik). These do communicate over serial, which is a little less convenient for arduino's without an extra serial. But they cost less than a ventii latte at *$, and connect to wifi.