Arduino WiFi Shield Rev 3, solding, external antenna, possible?

i'm a poud owner of an Arduino Leonardo Bord and a new Arduino WiFi Shield Rev 3.
One of my problem is, that the responsivity of the internal antenna is to low.
I found at the schemata the "X4" connector wo looks like it is then connector for an atenna, maybe.
Is there any other point on shield were i can solder an externe atenna!? Id don't find something at the

Thank's for the answers.
Don't wonder, my english sucks.

It looks like there is a place for a small connector next to the 'chip' antenna. If you can figure out what connector goes there you can put in a connector for an external antenna.

Do you mean that two pads between the ICSP and that green component at the top of the pcb? Between that two smd pads are a round marker.
Mh may by i can sold there an U.FL connector!? Looks a little bit tricky, not many space.

Looks like it may be the case, pins 3(GND) & 4(Antenna Port (50 Ohm) for WLAN) are the pins off the chip in question according to:

Those pins look like they go to that green component. It may be possible to solder on a connector, but someone who knows what they're talking about should chime in. I'd love to boost this antenna as it does have limited range.

What sort of amplifier circuit, if any, would be needed to attach an external antenna on this board?

I'm trying to do the same thing (add an external antenna to the Arduino WiFi shield), but haven't found any clear answers - has anyone tried this with any luck?

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thanks in advance for any help!