Arduino WiFi Shield SPI interface

Hey all,

I have been wondering about the SPI interface on the Arduino WiFi Shield. While I was going through the documentation of the shield i found 2 schemes which both showed different ways how the SPI is linked from the shield to the UNO:

I tried connecting a LED to port 12, but when doing this, the shield is not working anymore. This means my board is working like shown in the picture on the right. Is there any possible way to configure it as shown in the picture on the left? In this way I gain 3 free pins on my board to do other things with.

Thank you.


The wifi shield uses the ICSP pins for the SPI data lines. The Uno has the SPI data lines on both the ICSP and pins D11 to D13. When you use the SPI bus, you can't use D11-D13 for anything else on the Uno.

Ok, thanks a lot for the explanation :slight_smile: