Arduino with Finder 39 Series SSR

Hi All,

This is my first post and hope this is in the correct section. I am also a newbie to electronics so any input welcome.

I'm looking to add a SSR to my Arduino Uno. I am leaning towards an SSR due to the fact that I do not need to add any transistor or mosfets and will only be switching low currents. Are there any drawbacks to using SSR in a low current switching applications?

I would like to add a Finder 39 SSR.

Tech Specs: Nominal Voltage: 6 V Nominal Voltage Min: 4.8 V Nominal Voltage Max: 6.6 V Must Drop-out Voltage: 0.6 V Rated Current Voltage at Nominal Voltage: 7.5 mA Rated Power at Nominal Voltage: 0.2 W

Voltage: So from the Arduino specs the voltage output is 5 V which falls with in the voltage range of the SSR, just. Some post have referenced 5.5 V. Which is more accurate?

Current: Arduino specs 40mA current output. So at 6 V the SSR consumes 7.5 mA. There for at 5.5 V it would consume 6.9 mA? And at 5 V it consumes 6.3 A? Are the calculations and terminology correct?

Would this SSR work? Would I have to add a resistor (6.9mA seems low compaied to the 40 mA rated output), what is the minimum current an output can handle before short circuiting? What is max drop-out voltage?

Please excuse my terminology and thank in advanced for any input.


Hi, I think you have covered all the bases with your choice of SSR.
You haven’t said what the SSR output specs are but I’d assume they are to your needs
It will not overload the Arduino.

Tom… :slight_smile: