Arduino with Mic and Pre Amplifier for FFT


I am planning to perform FFT on the audio obtained from the MIC connected to the Arduino UNO using the FFT library

Could you pls illustrate the connections

Assuming you've got the mic & preamp already, you simply need to [u]bias the input[/u] with two equal-value resistors and a capacitor. That will allow the Arduino to read the negative half of the AC audio waveform.

With the input biased at 2.5V, your signal can have peaks between -2.5V and +2.5V and that's about right for a preamp output (a line level audio signal), depending on the preamp gain and "volume" of the signal.

If you don't already have the mic & preamp, the [u]SparkFun Microphone Breakout Board[/u] is the easiest way to go. Or, copy that circuit. It has the power for an electret mic and it has the 2.5V biased output. (The SparkFun board does not have a gain control.)

Thanks !!

I have the Pre-amp and Hydrophone (underwater Mic) ready From where do I download the FFT library?

Google will tell you.


This is my Mic-Pre Amp setup

Is there a sample arduino code for getting FFT data