Arduino with Xbee

Hello Guys
I am new to X bee and Micro-controller interfacing,
i working on a project that require wire less button to start the program on arduino.

i brought two X bee and arduino, but had a hard time communicating x bee with arduino wirelessly. so i brought another arduino, that can be programed to generate a digital signal using puss button. But i wasn't able to receive any signal on my second arduino wirelessly.

Is their any example that u guys know about how to send digital signal through X bee or Receive Digital signal send from x bee at arduino?


The Arduino uses Serial.print(), Serial.println(), or Serial.write() to send data to the serial port. Any data on the serial port gets seen by the XBee and sent over-the-air.

Any data received, over-the-air, by the XBee gets put on the serial port, and read by the Arduino using Serial.available() and

The key is to correctly configure the XBees before attaching them to the Arduinos.

To help with this, we need to know which XBees you have, and how you are attaching them to the Arduino(s), and how you have configured them.

thank i will look check my pin configuration again