Arduino's new ceo is a fraud?

Anyone see this:

Federeico Musto has been claiming to have advanced degrees from institutions he never attended. Is this the new face of Arduino?

Do some research before posting something like this. That's last year's news.

Here’s a clue

Is it real?

Is it real?

No, fake news.

Or is it?

The article is legitimate but it's old news. The other owners of Arduino bought out Federico Musto and he's no longer associated with Arduino:

So I'd say that a recently created post titled "Arduino's new ceo is a fraud?" and asking "Is this the new face of Arduino?" is indeed fake news.

Right, because he’s not the new CEO and his 15 minutes were up last year.

Anyway the new owner of arduino is Atmel (Microchip).
It was Atmel and not the Arduino team that bought the shares of Musto who was the main shareholder.

Do you have a source for that? I think I remember reading some speculation about something like that but never anything official.

Boar'd of directors :
Yan Fregusson : Atmel director
Manish Narula : Atmel director
Fabio Violante --> Is the Fabio who previously works with Musto ?

Yan Fregusson : Atmel director
Manish Narula : Atmel director

I think you're getting Arm and Atmel mixed up. I don't find any mention of those people being associated with Atmel (other than that Atmel uses Arm cores in their chips) but there are people of both names who list Arm in the "Current" section of their linkedin profiles:

I remember now where I saw that speculation I mentioned in my previous reply:

And it does seem to be more than speculation:

But then there is the quote from Massimo Banzi in the Hackaday article:

Hi arm did not buy nor invest in arduino. The founders + Fabio Violante still own the company. As I wrote in the blog post we are still independent, open source and cross platform.

So that is confusing. I don't think it's clear that Arm owns Arduino.

Yes for ARM / Atmel confusion, sorry.
No for Banzi's statement.

How do you explain that ARM has 2 of 3 director positions?
No evidence that confirms or invalidates Banzi's words is available, everything is secret.

When everything is secret and the only reliable information contradicts (in my opinion) the statements of Banzi I can not believe he.
Especially since it is well known that he did not risk a cent in the creation of smartproject. It is the creators Martino and another person whose name I have forgotten who have mortgaged their property to create Smart Project. Banzi nothing.

It is not difficult to make public the origin of the funds which made it possible to buy the part of Musto Arduino AG and thus to silence all the supositions.
Without any information other than the composition of the board of directors, which is very particular (two out of three board members from ARM is not trivial), for me it's clear Aduino belongs to ARM.

Also seen from ARM is a very good deal:
Professional market ---> Mbed
Non-professional market (DIY) ---> Arduino with an excellent charismatic animator M Banzi.