Ardumidi.h and Arduino Nano

Well, for one thing I get a low voltage at D13 when using the pullup resistor. When it should be low, it is at 0V, but at high it is 1.7V, sometimes 3.3-3.4V. I can't figure out if my Nano is broken, my laptop is putting out not enough power, or my setup is bad. I am making a MIDI saxophone, and it has 11 key stitches which are NC connected to pullup resistors, going to D2 -D13, leaving 9 for PWM output. D13 is the only screwup, so I just switched it over to A2 and put a resistor until I can figure it out.

I used the ardumidi.h library, and this is my real question:

I get an error -

Arduino: 1.8.5 (Mac OS X), Board: "Arduino Nano, ATmega328P"

Using library ardumidi in folder: /Users/gramaw/Documents/Arduino/libraries/ardumidi (legacy)
exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino Nano.

Does this mean I need to use a different microcontroller? If so, which one? I really like the Nano, it is perfect size for my project, and has just the right amount of I/O. I am using 8 analog inputs, 2 DIO for MIDI, 11 for key switches, PWM output, and 4 buttons. Any guidance would be appreciated. I am happy to post the code if that might be part of the problem, but the error makes me think that the microcontroller is simply not compatible with the library. Is that the case? and how should I proceed from here?

I would recommend you read the how to use this forum sticky post to find out how to ask a question here, it is all a bit rambling and your words are hard to make sense of.

The post will also tell you to post a link to all non standard libiries.
If this one is for making the Arduino look like a HID USB MIDI device it is indeed the wrong processor. You need an Arduino with a 32u4 processor like the Leonardo, Micro or Micro Pro. You could also use one of the Teensey range.

Or you need to use a program like Hairless in your Mac to convert normal serial data into a virtual MIDI device. Then you can still use your nano.

Or maybe use the standard MIDI.h instead of the antique ardumidi.h, which as far as I can see does nothing special.


Why not using the official Arduino Midi Library ?
It works on the Nano for sure, and you will find a lot of examples.
If you need USB MIDI, it is not possible with the NANO.

It is possible with the Micro as said...