ardweeny programming

Hello all!

Does anyone know if I can hack a DB9 rs232 to usb cable I have lying around to program an ardweeny? I read an instructable that said you could simply remove the chip from a duemilanove or similar and insert the ardweeny for programming but I suppose I could also get some use out of a FTDI cable too.

Is there anyone out there that has an ardweeny and/ or some suggestions?


I don't see why not.
Here's the key part in the parts list:
"1 x ATmega328 with Arduino bootloader"
So you will need Rx, Tx, Gnd from the RS232 cable (usually pins 3, 2, and 5), and power & ground to the arweeny.
Run the Arduino IDE, when it says "loading xxx of 32,xxx bytes" press the reset button, and it should start.
The timing of that is not exact, you may have to try it a few times.

I'm not sure a built up ardweeny would program ok in a duemilanove/uno. I would think having 2 sets of crystals, or a crystal & a resonator, or 2 resonators, connected in parallel could interfere with each other.

I would have loved to use Ardweeny in my last set of builds, but I didn't find out about them until after I had purchased 16 Promini's. And now I just build the atmega & parts directly into my projects instead:

Hey man thanks for the reply!

I have yet to get the ardweeny but I have already read conflicting reports.

Some would suggest that ardweeny and similar boards are looking for inverted data(1’s in stead of o’s or -5v in lieu of +5v)

I ordered a sparkfun programmer as I also have some Anarduino boards on the way and I will want to be able to program those too. I will add some have said I could simply put the ardweeny in place of the ATmega on a duemilanove to program. I have these things in quasi permanent projects so that is not currently an option. I will however hack this rs232 cable to try once I get a chance and will post results. I am cheap but far too impatient to not be able to program these boards.

Thanks again!

If you can confirm or deny the rumors I have read that would help me by not wasting time in a fruitless effort though!