Articulated Laminar Fountain

Hi All,

I'm interested in creating a laminar fountain on an articulated base. See the link below for an example of a laminar flow fountain:

I'm planning on manufacturing six of these, but at a lower cost point by utilizing standard PVC and making them smaller. In the end, the bases will be driven by waterproofed servos articulating the bases. The idea is to create laminar fountains that can interact with each other or be synchronized to music of some kind (a la Disney's World of Color).

What I can't seem to find, however, are electronically controlled variable-flow valves. I can find static-position valves such as Rain Birds, but if I wish to vary the pressure to modify fountain output, I'd need something variable in nature. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, MO

Very cool MO! "Dancing Water" was real big in the mid 60s Why are you only planning on making 6 of these. If you could make them for under $200, they would be popular as heck - look how diffraction gratings and lasers did this year at Christmas! A thing you could hook up to music at a yard party comes to mind. Especially if everybody gets kinda wet if they play in it! :fearful: