Aruino with Tinkerkit + hc 05 module can't connect.


I am a student Product Development and for a project, I need to monitor values with an arduino bluetooth app on my android. I work with a tinkerkit connected to an arduino and I use a hc05 module to receive values on my phone. However I can't seem to connect my phone to the module. Anyone that can help me? Or anyone that has a working code for this project? Thanks!

Please post a schematic (hand drawn and photographed is OK) and the code that you are using

Define "connect", and why it doesn't "seem" to do that.
The tinkerkit is probably irrelevant, provided that HC-05 is connected to Arduino and powered by 5v. The code is also irrelevant. All you need to start with is the LED on HC-05 flashing at about 2Hz, and be in range (about 10m). That is enough to establish a connection, which is verified by the app on the phone saying "connected". To get a connection, Arduino only serves as a source of power for HC-05, which could indeed get it from somewhere else.

If you cannot get that, it may be because you have not paired the phone with Bluetooth. This is because you don't understand the difference between pairing and connecting.