atmega 328 programming with FTDI programmer

Hello! I'm trying to use a FTDI programmer with an atmega. I don't know which pins go to the programmer. I know about the arduino and trying to just program the atmega 328 right now. Is there anyone who knows how to do program an atmega with a FTDI programmer form sparkfun in arduino code?


FTDI programmer ?

Could you provide a specific SparkFun link to the programmer you are talking about?


Here is the link

Thanks lefty!

Ok, that is not technically a programmer but rather a USB serial convertor module. It can of course be used to program a 328p chip if the chip has a bootloader installed in it and is being run at one of the standard clock speeds of a defined board type.

As far as wiring the FTDI transmit pin wires to arduino pin # 0 (328p chip pin 2). FTDI rec pin wires to arduino pin #1 (328p pin 3). FTDI ground to 328p chip ground. Then a .1 mfd cap should be wired between the FTDI DTR pin to arduino reset pin (328p pin 1).

This would allow one to upload sketches from the Arduino IDE to a 328p chip. Now if you want to talk about a different atmega chip then we need to know more details like what chip specifically, does it have a bootloader program installed, what PC software are you wishing to use to upload to the chip?

So what you have purchased isn't a general purpose ICSP programmer module, but can be used to program a certain AVR mega chips with certain assumptions, i.e. bootloader installed in chip, chip running at one of the standard board clock speeds, etc.

So what are you trying to do specifically giving all the gory details?


what you want to do its use the bitband mode provided by the ftdi chip to use it as a programmer to burn the arduino bootloader on new chips then use it as a usb to serial converter to upload code via serial interface :stuck_out_tongue:

for that i recommend you to read this
FTDI friend - FT232RL tutorial this uses the same ftdi chip but the board its a lil different from the ftdi board sparkfun sells but if you pay attention to the pin name/number you can get your ftdi from sparkfun to do the same - useful information here + software

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after looking at ftdi basic schematics the RTS looks like its not broken out so youll need to solder an wire to that pin

Lefty, what cap should i use between rst and dtr?

Lefty, what cap should i use between rst and dtr?

Auto reset function is accomplished by wiring a .1 mfd capacitor between the FTDI DTR signal and the atmega328p reset pin.