attachInterrupt() function and 433RF receiver! references... Board int.0 int.1 int.2 int.3 int.4 int.5 Uno, Ethernet 2 3 Mega2560 2 3 21 20 19 18 Leonardo 3 2 0 1 7 Due ????

i need to know the pin for the interrupt 0 on Arduino Due but i don't know how to use the attachInterrupt() function, i come from an arduino mega where for a 433RF receiver i used mySwitch.enableReceive(0); that is the pin 2 on that... with the RCSwitch library...

How can i solve it? THX

Due has interrupt support across all pins, you use the pin number.

Have a look at the source code in WInterrupts.c for the sam branch and you'll see that the first argument is called "pin", not "interruptNum" as in the avr branch

So can you help me to replace the mySwitch.avaiable(0); string?

I know that arduino due allows pin in the function but how can do? attachinterrupt(2, ??, HIGH?); :cold_sweat: Thx