attiny85 device search timed out

Hey guys,

although i'm working with arduino for years, i now have my first question :) i recently bought a attiny 85. i also bought i tiny board to upload directly to it. i followed the tutorial to install etc. but i keep getting this error message in the IDE:

De schets gebruikt 700 bytes (11%) programma-opslagruimte. Maximum is 6012 bytes. Globale variabelen gebruiken 9 bytes van het dynamisch geheugen. Running Digispark Uploader... Plug in device now... (will timeout in 60 seconds)

Please plug in the device ... Press CTRL+C to terminate the program. Device search timed out

also my windows says it doesn't recognize the usb device... i did install the windows driver.

my code:

void setup() { // initialize digital pin LED_BUILTIN as an output. pinMode(0, OUTPUT); }

// the loop function runs over and over again forever void loop() { digitalWrite(0, HIGH); // turn the LED on (HIGH is the voltage level) delay(1000); // wait for a second digitalWrite(0, LOW); // turn the LED off by making the voltage LOW delay(1000); // wait for a second }

does anyone have a solution??

Did you use an ISP programmer to put the digispark firmware onto the tiny85?

Note that you can also use my attinycore, and upload via ISP every time (or via serial bootloader if you prefer a serial adapter), and get more free flash on the ATTiny and a more full-featured core (most significant feature my core has is that you can use Wire.h and SPI.h and unmodified libraries for SPI and I2C devices, even on chips like the 85 that have a USI instead of hardware I2C/SPI.

There are a great many dishonest vendors selling digispark boards with a socket for the t85 advertising them as programmers, when they are not - they're a board with the couple of external components used for the digispark USB to work - but that's it. They can only program chips already loaded with digispark bootloader. To program a virgin ATTiny, you need an ISP programmer, to either load sketches, or load a bootloader which would be subsequently used to upload.

I used the digispark digistump bootloader. It was succesfull so it should work, right? i'm going to take a look at your attinycore thnx!

it's just unclear to me what you did.

What it sounds like you did: Install digispark board package Bought 1 virgin ATtiny85. Bought 1 of these Inserted ATtiny85 into board Plugged it into your computer, discovered you could not upload code.

This will fail, because the bootloader is not on the board.

What you would have needed to do is: Install digispark board package Bought 1 virgin ATtiny85 Connect ATtiny85 to an ISP programmer (USBAsp, ArduinoAsISP, etc), use it to set fuses and upload bootloader (I suspect this could be done from the IDE's burn bootloader tool, with the correct board definition selected Insert ATtiny85 into board Plugged it into your computer and successfully upload code

What I recommend doing with ATtiny85: Install ATTinyCore Bought 1 virgin ATtiny85 (er, well, I never recommend buying 1 of anything - always plan to destroy at least 1 of every part you buy) Connect ATtiny85 to an ISP programmer. In IDE, select chip, clock source (probably 8MHz internal or 16MHz internal PLL), "Burn Bootloader" to set that Use ISP programmer to upload sketch to t85 I would probably use this board (naturally, since I designed them and sell them - obviously I have a vested interest in your buying them, so take w/grain of salt): - it has an ISP header on it, so you can just solder the virgin t85 onto it, and both program it with ISP programmer, and use it for your project on the same board.

For ISP programmers, by the way, I recommend the USBAsp.