Attiny85 + NRF24L01

i am using tiny85 for a project with nrf24l01 2 PIN setup
3 buttons on uno(tx) using 5 pin setup that trigger led on the tiny( rx) using 2 pin setup.

my buttons mimic brake light / turn signal L+R inputs.

my sketch is working fine on 3 arduino uno and a pro mini and tiny84 combos. with 5 pin setup for nrf24. no delay on the I/o led response.

but on the above setup of 85 i noticed a slight delay 1/2 sec~ which bothers my function. is it normal i am experiencing this?? or issue on the 2 pin vs 5.

ruled out nrf24 itself as i tested 6 of them same result.
ruled out tiny85 programmed 6 of them same delay.

tiny pin usageā€¦
mimo pin 4
sck pin 1
pin 0/2/3 led connected .
1MHz int clock

by the way if i run a blink local program to test led blink rate it seems no issue circling through all 3 for a loop.