Attiny85 Stuck After Burning Bootloader

Hello , hope you're having a good day
few days ago i was working on a project with attiny85 ( usb version ) but due to low voltage supply the bootloader just got flashed or corrupted so i grabbed my Nano with ch340g chip and accidently i burned the bootloader with 16 mhz external ... it successfully burned the bootloader but now i can't upload any code or burn another bootloader with 8 mhz internal

( btw i burned the bootloader with arduino 1.8.13 latest version )


You'll probably need to connect an oscillator source; the fuses are set for external oscillator.
Once it has a clock source, you should be able to re-program the fuses.

If you don't have a crystal or resonator, there is this modified ArduinoISP sketch that generates one on pin 9 of the Arduino board you're using as an "Arduino as ISP":

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