Audio Looper design?


I was wondering if anything like this was possible:

I'm really quite new at the Arduino, but have just completed my electronics A-Level.

I'm happy to dive right in, just need to know where to start with this project as live electronic music production interests me greatly.
Can anyone help me on this? Like, just pointing me in the right direction for designing a looper device, and the hardware parts I'd need?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, first you have to explain what a looper device is :wink:

We have a shield that can play audio from Arduino FLASH or 512kB NAND FLASH, and there is also the Wave Shield which can play sounds from SD card. The Arduino can take care of the looping, sequencing, etc.

Beat707: MIDI drum machine / sequencer / groove-box for Arduino

There's this, which is MCU based (though not Arduino). It's all open source hard/soft-ware and sounds awesome to boot!

Pretty much what kriista posted :slight_smile:

I need it to pass through an audio feed, then capture whatever is playing through when you press a button in flash memory I think?
Like effect 78 on a MiniKP when you press the hold button kinda...

Sorry if I'm being a bit vague.