Audio on Nano33BLE

I have posted asking about how to play small audio files from flash on Arduino Nano33BLE but seems like there isn't a solution currently. This would be my preferred method to keep project to bare minimum in parts and size.

I need to finish my project so to move ahead I am looking for an option using an microSD card.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of an example that will work with the Nano33BLE format. I found one for a Nano, will this work?

Audio Play Using SD Card Module And Arduino (

Check whether the TMRpcm library supports the Nano33BLE.

The Nano and Nano33BLE use completely different processors.

Thanks, yes that is what I am finding out which has been a learning curve. I designed my project on a Nano board and wanted to have Bluetooth and motion detection so thought I would switch to a Nano33BLE. It has worked ok switching but the hardest is that not much info, projects and users of the Nano33BLE boards are available. Having Mbed in the board probably has a solution but I am still learning Arduino and don't want to throw a spanner in the works.

Doesn't look like it does:

This library is compatible with the avr architecture so you should be able to use it on the following Arduino boards:

Does anyone have any other suggestions for audio playback on Nano33BLE? I really need a solution.

Even tips on using MBED with an arduino sketch.

All the pieces of your project can be run using a Nano. Bluetooth and 9DOF motion sensor modules are available for it, and there are lots of tutorials with code.

As you have discovered, there is not much support for the Nano 33 BLE, and as it uses an uncommon processor, it seems unlikely that it will be very popular.

Thanks I wish I did stay with the Nano which I wrote it for first. I like the need of the Nano33BLE not needing external IMU and BLE. Thanks again for your help.

Can you tell me how do i find the .h files that a sketch calls on so I can read and edit the code. I would like to see these files that are used in sketches for audio on the Nano boards to see if I could possibly modify one to work the Nano33BLE format?

No problems worked out how to do that. i will play around with some of the options for nano boards and see what happens
Any suggestions would still be greatly appreciated, more heads are better than one.

solution is to use an audio board

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