audio processing using arduino

Can any one please guide me how can i do audio processing using arduino?
If any one have documentation of this topic please send me . I will be thankful to you :slight_smile: Waiting for prompt respopnse :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

It depends on what type of audio input you have and what type of processing you are trying to do.

If you have a look at the many threads out there you will make an idea of the different possible solutions and difficulties.

As an example I'm aiming at getting a non amplified stereo audio input and process it to identify frequency and amplitude of two (one per channel) sine or square waves. And

Very different is to reproduce an wav file on an SD card....

Try to search the forum for a topic similar to yours or, in case you still haven't a specific idea, try to start defining your target and decompose it: as an example I'm currently at the very first stage of my project as I'm trying to create a pre amplifier out of a an op-amp...

This is an example of the limited sort of audio processing that you can do:-

There are obviously many solutions to your question. I wanted an Arduino (Micro in particular) to process pre-recorded audio clips upon trigger from an external source in sync with other functions the Arduino was controlling. I took a relatively easy approach and purchased a pre-assembled shield (VS1053) from Adafruit. Does exactly what I needed. Here is a link to the Adafruit solution.

The tutorial worked without a hitch on an Arduino UNO. I had a little trouble adapting the connections and test sketch from UNO to Micro versions, but working now.