How to send input from a earphone- mic to arduino uno

We basically want Arduino to process our audio signal . Now for taking audio signal input, we are thinking to use earphones mic which tend to be very powerful and catchy. so as we speak something the mic should catch the signal and it should go to arduino as input then the further processing would be done through the dumped code in arduino. So how could this be implemented ?

You'll need to amplify the millivolt microphone signal to about 1V or so.

Then, you'll need to bias the signal because the Arduino's ADC can't go negative.

You'll need to sample the ADC at a known sample rate. (i.e. CDs are sampled 44,100 times per second, but from what I understand the Arduino's ADC can't quite go that fast.)

You won't be able to do a whole lot of processing because the Arduino isn't a fast processor. But, I don't know what the limits are so you'll probably have to experiment.

If you want analog out you'll have to add an ADC or audio shield. (The Arduino's "analog" outputs are PWM, not true analog.)

See this link for how to connect the amplifier’s output into the Arduino and some of the limited things you can do.

you can use a mic with I2S it much better because you will have a lot of problems with the poor ADC this is a link about how to use

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