Aussie Arduino Controlled Highrise Window Cleaner

This news item appeared on Aussie TV tonight, the young inventer in his interview remarked that it was Arduino controlled.
An update on the bottom of the article was what the TV news item was about.

Update: On Friday May 18, this robot project was awarded top prize in ISEF’s Robotics and Intelligent Machines category. Even more impressively, Oliver was named winner of the Gordon E. Moore award, ISEF’s top prize. Named for Intel’s co-founder, his award comes with $75,000.

Tom… :slight_smile:

That's great, thanks for sharing it with us Tom. Nice that Arduino got a shout out. Plus I'm gonna subscribe my 17yo to that website!

I'm sure that Gromit would approve!

It seems a little complex for just washing windows…

It’s a mix between a drone, arduino, and one of those homeless guys at the quickie mart.